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Friday, April 09, 2004

just checked for my blog...can't see it...don't think it's published or else i don't know how to view it correctly. oh well...
it may be april,but i'm already anxious for christmas season number 2004 to arrive.funny how time flies. in july, QVC shopping channel will be airing their "christmas in July" segment. And in many parts of the U.S. discount stores begin to put out certain seasonal items on their shelves in july and,or August(depending on which store and what their policy is regarding that kind of thing)....i find that i see it mostly in the discount stores such as big lots,dollar general,etc...as well as the privately owned,and family owned dollar stores.usually it's the products like tree ornaments,christmas candy,icicles,the "under the tree" manger scenes,santas,reindeer and so on. While some people (like my Mother) believes that july and august is too early for these stores to be advertising these items,i always feel an immediate sentimentalism the minute my eyes fall upon them,regardless of how early it is that they're displayed. Of course my Mother believes for the stores or the media to advertise christmas anytime before Thanksgiving is not appropriate. She's old school,but i totally understand it.(we're all old school about SOME things).

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